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A8 Pan Asian Vegan Cuisine Reviews on Grubhub


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The roti canai could be a bit spicier and the roti less oily but it was still very good. That's the extent of my complaints. I've ordered nearly 20 different items and they've all been great. The protein has great texture, the veggies aren't overcooked, and the spice is right on. I'm not a vegan, I just ordered on a whim but I'm leaning towards that now that I know the food can be so flavorful. The lunch special is affordable and they do most of your Chinese/Thai/Malaysian favorites so give it a shot.


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Seriously delicious. I'm ordering from them almost everyday at this point. Soy cheese wontons, the "chicken" pieces, pad see ew, and japchae are my favorites from what I've had so far. I also enjoy the curry samosas, crispy tofu skins, and raspberry soy cheesecake. Delivery is always on time, GREAT place.


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The food was as expected asian flavorful, beautiful looking and smelling. Often times with healthy substitute food (instead of meat and seafood) the smell or taste isnt authentic. I recommended giving this a shot.


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The soup was really nice. And as I was cutting the soy chicken I thought it was too tough. But then I ate it - and I saw it was really tasty and easy to chew. Quite filling too.


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Been there a few times and Im quite a fan. Everything has been pretty great! Whenever I dont want to cook Im always happy to order from them!

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A8 Pan Asian Vegan Cuisine Reviews on Seamless


Top Reviewer
Best Pan-Asian food in the area! Their vegan entrees will satisfy even a carnivore. I especially love the Black Pepper Seitan, Spring Rolls, Red Curry Seitan, and the lunch special Singapore-Style Mei-Fun (sans "fish cakes"). The Moo-Shu Vegetables are the most moist and delicious I can ever recall enjoying. Admittedly, I've already got a favorite dumpling joint in the neighborhood so I haven't even tried the ones served here. I've had both pick-up and delivery, both served up with speed. Enjoy!


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The Tom Yum Soup was pretty taste and a nice portion for the price, it was a tad salty for my taste and I really really wish it was spicer
The potato pancake with curry was yummy and I really enjoyed it and to be honest it was just something extra I ordered with my food not knowing it was going to be my favorite part of the meal.
The rice was $1.00 and was a decent size (think small side order from Popeyes) and was good also.
Great food very fair price


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I’m so thrilled to have found this place! The green curry with tofu was delicious. I’ve been searching for a Thai curry without fish sauce, and A8 did not disappoint! Portions were big as well. Delivery was on time, and the delivery guy was very nice. Can’t wait to order again.


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Its hard to find good vegan food. Usually places call themselves Vegan but only offer salad. I am not a salad only eating Vegan, I like options. This places had the tastiest food. I often go to a different neighborhood just so I can order this because they dont deliver to my home.


Top Reviewer
perfect every time!
the "fake- well known dishes" (general tso, pad siew, etc..) are so good but the rest of the menu that's just about veggies and great sauces is also amazing.
we keep trying to find more places to order out of but none seem to get vegan food better. not even close.

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